Guilty Pleasure #1

Sennheiser PXC 450 NoiseGard Active Noise-Canceling Headphones

Sennheiser PXC 450 NoiseGard Active Noise-Canceling Headphones

I’m a huge music fan. I bang anything in any genre if it makes me feel good and gets my emotions going. I especially love music through a great pair of headphones and these look absolutely delicious! I haven’t gotten them yet, but my birthday is creeping up in 2mos so their on my personal birthday shopping list. They also happen to be from my favorite headphone brand Gummy. Here’s the 411 on this hotness:


  • Outstanding sound thanks to adaptive baffle damping and patented Duofol diaphragm
  • Best possible protection from outside noise (up to 90%) with NoiseGard technology
  • Talk through function allows you to talk undisturbed while wearing headphones
  • Full accessories: soft case, 2 audio adapters (in-flight entertainment and 6.3mm/1/4″), batteries
  • Audio always works, even in passive mode and without batteries

**I checked the website and there was a “Too Low to Display” where the price should have been, which in my book is always a good thing. I’ll update though if I get an actual pricing.


R.I.P. Aaliyah


You were the essence of real music. You inspired and a generation and helped create a musical era I can only pray will see again. Never be close to another, you are truly missed.

Rest In Paradise

(Detroit’s Baby Girl) Aaliyah

Drawing by: E.i.s.m (me)

Sickler’s Prayer

This poem is dedicated to ALL my brothers & sisters around the world surviving with Sickle Cell Anemia

Don’t ever lose your faith to this illness. We will see a brighter day.

Sickler’s Prayer

Eyes open it’s 5a.m. and the sun’s come here to
say my child God’s given you a new day
wasn’t sure if I was gonna see today

last night  my breathing wouldn’t so deep
I stayed in the shallow end while asleep
Getting out of beds a task, my joints
in the morning feel like they won’t
last and I’ll break to their will

Still I bring myself to my knees
me and my disease
clasp swollen hands
close jaundice eyes
point my weary head to the sky

And then… And Then
And Then… my strength is renewed
and my blood cells are in a different mood
Cause the Son has come to say
My child my Fathers given you another day….


Art Update

Four new pieces. Hope you like!


So I’ve been on the most unintentional hiatus of a lifetime! Most of which was spent sick (still recovering) and in and out the hospital. My sickle cell episodes have apparently hit their high points these year, and I’m hoping come latter months I’ll be in full relief until then I’m putting up a fight and trying to keep my sanity. However, it ain’t all bad… Amidst the calamities that is my illness, I hit a high point with my art and musical discoveries. While enjoying a most undeserved retreat in Oakwood’s health care facilities, I manage to keep my self from going totally bonkers by doing what I do best… Draw and Daydream, the two best medicinal practices I have…(besides morphine). I put my God given talent and ultimate salvation to work and went in on my sketchbook. I guess all that pain had me digging deep into some untapped region of my right brain, because I even shocked myself with the outcome of some of this work, let alone impressed the whole second floor nursing staff thank you very much. Now before I get to self indulgent I should add a disclaimer that this stuff is nothing to fantastic in the way of original pieces, I’m mean I drew them of course, but to are celeb portraits of my current female crushes (Nicki Minaj & her bff Amber Rose) respectively and one is a father’s day gift for my dad, a picture of his favorite animated hero, Aang the Avatar (Yes dad loves airbender and so do we so shut it!) Anyway, there’s only one real “original” piece in the bunch which was really one of the those boredom induced rare oddities of greatness I create every blue moon. Hey, I’d have more, but try tell your body to cooperate with you during a sickle cell crisis, see how much of a response you’ll get… Moving on, my last post I promised you all new art and poems, well art I have, poems are still coming (I over proof read everything… it’s sad I know). Until then though I hope you all enjoy my new works, I’ll have some graphic design stuff up soon too (I’m happily back in school… Thank God) and I also want to share some awesome music I just got turned on to, including the third best album, in my book anyway, this year. From Ms. Yahzarah entitled: The Ballad of Purple St. James, which is sure to engulf your senses with all it’s funk and sweet melodic flow. Until next post, keep your head above water and don’t let anyone drown you or vise versa.



My Absolute favorite track from Yahzarah’s album The Ballad of Purple St. James – Starship



Congrats to the Spaniards on winning their first ever World Cup (Although I was pulling for England 😦 )

An Epic Night in Music


So every fiber of my being was heightened as My sister and I approached the gates of Chene Park downtown. It was a cool 76 on the detroit river, and even though rain was a possible chance, the attendees most definitely packed the amphitheater. From the lawn seats on the hill to the boats on the river posted behind the stage, the neosoul heads were in full effect. White, black, mixed, afros, braids, locs, men, women, old folks, and young-ins were all clearly their with one thing in mind, to get lifted off of good…No! Great music. And that’s what we got!. Starting with the ArchAndroid herself, Ms. Janelle Monae, who showed up and showed the hell OUT. She wowed the whole amphitheater. For some it was their first experience with Janelle, A couple sitting behind myself and my sister were instantly amazed after they heard her let out a cool sixteen bars from her “Faster” track and they were even more awed as this tiny women climbed on top of a stool and belted out the most beautiful song in perfect pitch and hella pipes! (which received a standing O btw). By the time she got to her last song, “TightRope”, I knew there were hundreds of new fans in her grasp and that made it all the more sweeter. After a brief, intermission and reflection of the previous Awestruck performance, it was time to get a little rockstar 101 lesson in, and who better to do it then the one and only RiRi….. LMAO, I’m joking of course, glad your paying attention though! Who better to rock out with though? Why, the Star Trek crew N.E.R.D. of course, and rock we did. Of course Pharrell had every ladies gentleman friend a bit envious, considering he had half the female population on their feet sing all his lyrics… Hey the dude is sexy fellas, no need for shade! From “She want’s to Move” to “All The Girls Standing in Line for the Bathroom”, there was nothing “Nerdy” about the N.E.R.D. performance. As a matter of fact they brought the rain down on the ladies… literally! Just as they were GOIN IN on their 2nd or 3rd song, Detroit’s skyline disappear along with the river and Canadian skyline, into a thick soup of “AintThisAB*tch” and before you know it the whole amphitheater was engulfed in what most attendees referred to as “That freak ass Monsoon” (LMFAO). Despite the freakish weather, the band kept going HARD, and even the boaters never left. They actually threw done their anchors, pulled up their canvas tops and continued to jam with the rest of us! The lawn seaters, weren’t  to happy, but once they got under the canopy, they continued to party too! After all was said and done and the “Monsoon” let up, we thanked N.E.R.D. with lots of applause, shouts, and star trek signs for making that one epic storm front. It was intermission again, only this time it was a bit of a longer wait, since the stage crew had to dry, breakdown, and setup new equipment and make sure the next set wasn’t electrocuted after all that rain. Plus there were to apparent fainters who had to be taken out on stretchers thanks to mister Pharrell. It gave us attendees time for bathroom breaks, cigarette breaks, food breaks, and even weed breaks… c’mon it is a Badu concert after all. But after most of us returned to our seats, we started to realize the rain may not have been the party starter we thought it was… and we’d soon find out it was the party crasher and ender. We sat, and sat, and sat, wondering what the hell was taking so long and where was Erykah? This is who we came to see, she was the highlight of our evening. We wanted the Mistress of the Ankh! There were a couple of “We want Erykah” chants but after an hour and several announcements of “Erykah will be out soon after we get the stage fixed”. Now lets pause for a sec here and review that statement or rather the latter of it, “after we get the stage fixed”, now we’re all thinking their still drying some shit off and more stuff has to go up, which most of us thought was fine, others decided they wasn’t haven’t and start packing up to leave. It was until another hour later (Erykah has die hard fans on some real shit) that we realized they weren’t setting her bands equip up anymore but, rather breaking it down! All you could here at that point was one big WTF Booing from the theater. It was found out about five minutes later that the stages power(which has it’s own source) went out and they couldn’t get the amps working! What we we’re most pissed about is that no one from the theater made an announcement, instead of them facing this now extremely pissed of overly loyal fans of Badu, they had our girl(Erykah) come out on stage and make the announcement. Mind you most of us had already start to head to the door before she came out, but then we heard the beautiful voice(we’d waited 2 hrs for) singing “20 feet Tall” acapella and we just had to hear what was going on. Needless to say , we we’re quite upset , some tried to take it out on her but quickly got checked by security as well as other attendees who knew better than to blame her for something she had no control over. After she calmed our irritation a bit and the “we want our money back” rants, she bought everyone a drink on her and informed that she’d reschedule for August and to keep our ticket stubs so we can get back in. She then asked “If you coming back in August, let me hear you make some noise”…. 90% of us screamed, the other 10% can kiss our asses. All in all, it was most definitely an EPIC night for music 😉

P.s. Please believe them stubs is in my wallet rite now waiting for the month of August and The Return (of the return) of the Ankh!

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So I’ve been completely swamped with art (as usual) fighting of the “procrastination bug” but, making progress slowly but surely, which is better then none at all. On a much, much lighter note though, I’ve found time to get in to the summer groove and let my locs loose so-to-speak. I actually got out the house last evening and partied with my sister and a good friend of ours whose a Dj. Needless to say it was exactly what I needed and I even caught up with a “friend” from awhile back. We actually hit it off BIG time, he’s a good dude and a cutie if I might add *wink wink*. Anyway, I consider this the pre-highlight to what will surely be an awesome weekend. I recently made a ticket purchase to attend what will most undoubtedly be the highlight of my year! Sis and I are head to see….(wait for it)….. Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae & N.E.R.D.!!!!! Now this may not mean much if you’ve been living under a rock since Badu’s 96′ debute of Baduizum or N.E.R.D.’s epic music catalogue but for moi, this is truly a treat. Now, I have been privy to already have seen Ms. Badu and the N.E.R.D crew, in which the latter artist lead to mosh pit mayhem and I kick in the face (literally) which I wish to put far behind me…. But it’s the presences of Ms. J.Monae that has me absolutely awe stuck and absolutely giddy for Friday’s concert. I’ve been a fan for awhile, but recently after making only my 2nd cd purchase this year of the incomparable Archandroid album, I have officially graduated to a full fledge Archandroid, Cindy Mayweather, Janelle Monae, Greatest artist before and after sliced bread STAN. I know what your think, “she’s certifiable and some one should alert Ms. Monae”. Well I assure you boys and girls, I may be a Stan but, I have control over it. However, I may have to “Tightrope” in the middle of Chene Park’s aisles out of pure delight and excitement and perhaps sing very loudly to “Babopbye Ya”. Once again, it’s out of pure excitement for this women undeniable talent to invoke the musical spiritualism within. Like I said, I’m totally ready to go in on everyone’s lyrics who hits that stage Friday night. Hopefully, God willing, I don’t expire from all the anticipation.

P.S. If you don’t own any of these geniuses albums, do your self and me a favor and go cop them! I recommend every album Badu has drop, especially Mama’s Gun and the most recent Return of the Ankh. As far as Monae, GO GET ARCHANDROID!!! It Will change your musical life!

P.S.S Expect pics this weekend and more art and poetry!

Ecstatically yours, EisM