So every fiber of my being was heightened as My sister and I approached the gates of Chene Park downtown. It was a cool 76 on the detroit river, and even though rain was a possible chance, the attendees most definitely packed the amphitheater. From the lawn seats on the hill to the boats on the river posted behind the stage, the neosoul heads were in full effect. White, black, mixed, afros, braids, locs, men, women, old folks, and young-ins were all clearly their with one thing in mind, to get lifted off of good…No! Great music. And that’s what we got!. Starting with the ArchAndroid herself, Ms. Janelle Monae, who showed up and showed the hell OUT. She wowed the whole amphitheater. For some it was their first experience with Janelle, A couple sitting behind myself and my sister were instantly amazed after they heard her let out a cool sixteen bars from her “Faster” track and they were even more awed as this tiny women climbed on top of a stool and belted out the most beautiful song in perfect pitch and hella pipes! (which received a standing O btw). By the time she got to her last song, “TightRope”, I knew there were hundreds of new fans in her grasp and that made it all the more sweeter. After a brief, intermission and reflection of the previous Awestruck performance, it was time to get a little rockstar 101 lesson in, and who better to do it then the one and only RiRi….. LMAO, I’m joking of course, glad your paying attention though! Who better to rock out with though? Why, the Star Trek crew N.E.R.D. of course, and rock we did. Of course Pharrell had every ladies gentleman friend a bit envious, considering he had half the female population on their feet sing all his lyrics… Hey the dude is sexy fellas, no need for shade! From “She want’s to Move” to “All The Girls Standing in Line for the Bathroom”, there was nothing “Nerdy” about the N.E.R.D. performance. As a matter of fact they brought the rain down on the ladies… literally! Just as they were GOIN IN on their 2nd or 3rd song, Detroit’s skyline disappear along with the river and Canadian skyline, into a thick soup of “AintThisAB*tch” and before you know it the whole amphitheater was engulfed in what most attendees referred to as “That freak ass Monsoon” (LMFAO). Despite the freakish weather, the band kept going HARD, and even the boaters never left. They actually threw done their anchors, pulled up their canvas tops and continued to jam with the rest of us! The lawn seaters, weren’t  to happy, but once they got under the canopy, they continued to party too! After all was said and done and the “Monsoon” let up, we thanked N.E.R.D. with lots of applause, shouts, and star trek signs for making that one epic storm front. It was intermission again, only this time it was a bit of a longer wait, since the stage crew had to dry, breakdown, and setup new equipment and make sure the next set wasn’t electrocuted after all that rain. Plus there were to apparent fainters who had to be taken out on stretchers thanks to mister Pharrell. It gave us attendees time for bathroom breaks, cigarette breaks, food breaks, and even weed breaks… c’mon it is a Badu concert after all. But after most of us returned to our seats, we started to realize the rain may not have been the party starter we thought it was… and we’d soon find out it was the party crasher and ender. We sat, and sat, and sat, wondering what the hell was taking so long and where was Erykah? This is who we came to see, she was the highlight of our evening. We wanted the Mistress of the Ankh! There were a couple of “We want Erykah” chants but after an hour and several announcements of “Erykah will be out soon after we get the stage fixed”. Now lets pause for a sec here and review that statement or rather the latter of it, “after we get the stage fixed”, now we’re all thinking their still drying some shit off and more stuff has to go up, which most of us thought was fine, others decided they wasn’t haven’t and start packing up to leave. It was until another hour later (Erykah has die hard fans on some real shit) that we realized they weren’t setting her bands equip up anymore but, rather breaking it down! All you could here at that point was one big WTF Booing from the theater. It was found out about five minutes later that the stages power(which has it’s own source) went out and they couldn’t get the amps working! What we we’re most pissed about is that no one from the theater made an announcement, instead of them facing this now extremely pissed of overly loyal fans of Badu, they had our girl(Erykah) come out on stage and make the announcement. Mind you most of us had already start to head to the door before she came out, but then we heard the beautiful voice(we’d waited 2 hrs for) singing “20 feet Tall” acapella and we just had to hear what was going on. Needless to say , we we’re quite upset , some tried to take it out on her but quickly got checked by security as well as other attendees who knew better than to blame her for something she had no control over. After she calmed our irritation a bit and the “we want our money back” rants, she bought everyone a drink on her and informed that she’d reschedule for August and to keep our ticket stubs so we can get back in. She then asked “If you coming back in August, let me hear you make some noise”…. 90% of us screamed, the other 10% can kiss our asses. All in all, it was most definitely an EPIC night for music 😉

P.s. Please believe them stubs is in my wallet rite now waiting for the month of August and The Return (of the return) of the Ankh!

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