Hi My Name is: Epiphanie Imee-Samquise Malloy

(but you can call me Pip Lol)

Age: 22

I live in: Inkster, MI

I am: A lot of things, but mostly A Graphic Designer, Student at Specs Howard, Painter, sketcher, sculptor(when i have time), A big and little sister, adopted at birth in Landsthul, Germany

I Love: ART. Music. Heels. PB & J sandwiches. Kit Kats. My Family. My Friends. Autumn. My new locs. Optimistic people. Men lol :). Rainy Days.

I Dislike: Hate. Negativity. Liars. Thieves. The metaphorical “box” we confine ourselves to.

I pretty much live life with my head in the clouds (which is probably why I LOVE ART so much). No boundaries! I’m ALWAYS daydreaming, I can’t help it. I LOVE Art and Music, they serve as my passions and escapes. I’ve had Sickle Cell Anemia all my life, but i try not to let it stop me from pursuing what I love. I attend Specs Howard School for Media Arts. I’m a Graphic Designer (been doing it since 11th grade). I paint, I sketch, I sculpt(when I have time). This is my 3rd attempt at blogging lol. I love learning new languages as a hobby, J’apprends actuel le français/I’m currently learning French.I speak a nice bit of German too! And when I grow up, I want to be a new innovator of art for my generation! High hopes & BIG DREAMS