So apparently U.S. currency needs a make over, which is interesting since we’re still trying to figure out how to make over our economy and keep from slipping further in to recession, but I digress. Now as an artist I’m all for a great redesign project, nothing like taking a classic and “freaking it out” in to a new visual wonder. The  Dollar ReDe$ign Project does just that. Created by creative strategy consultant Richard Smith, this guy and a few others are brainstorming on new designs for the dollar bill. According to the DRP website, “Our great ‘rival’, the Euro, looks so spanky in comparison it seems the only clear way to revive this global recession is to rebrand and redesign.” As much as that statement rings true(the part about the Euro looking better at least) I can’t seem to see how colorful new money is going to help the economy, if anything it’s wasting more money at this point, and will only make our wallets look prettier… Provided we have money in our wallets :/ This might have to be reviewed a bit more, until then check out the pretty vertical money. Thought up by a few artistic women and men.

Relative Value': Dowling Duncan

'Moving Forward, Looking Back': Sean Flanagan

Diversity Rules': Adriana Hurtado