I’m a nut for new drawing utensils, markers, pen, pencils, paint brushes I love them all. I’m a stickler for finding a good consistent brand that works well for me. I’ve recently acquired some new makers especially mad for lettering, I’m always weary of using markers for text work on art, but, this wonderful pack of Faber-Castell’s are probably the best thing to happen to me when it comes to text work. There light, thin, and don’ smudge or bleed like bigger markers. They come seven in a pack of bright colors. They can do thick and thin lines and are acid-free! So if your looking for good calligraphy marks pick these up! They run about $16. Not to bad for such great quality. Making this one of my new fave Guilty Pleasures.

Now as far as drawing pencils go I only use Derwent Graphic. They go from the lightest and hardest lead to the heaviest and softest. They’re prefect for shading and black and white sketch work. I think I paid about $11 for them at Blick art materials store.