This poem is dedicated to ALL my brothers & sisters around the world surviving with Sickle Cell Anemia

Don’t ever lose your faith to this illness. We will see a brighter day.

Sickler’s Prayer

Eyes open it’s 5a.m. and the sun’s come here to
say my child God’s given you a new day
wasn’t sure if I was gonna see today

last night  my breathing wouldn’t so deep
I stayed in the shallow end while asleep
Getting out of beds a task, my joints
in the morning feel like they won’t
last and I’ll break to their will

Still I bring myself to my knees
me and my disease
clasp swollen hands
close jaundice eyes
point my weary head to the sky

And then… And Then
And Then… my strength is renewed
and my blood cells are in a different mood
Cause the Son has come to say
My child my Fathers given you another day….