So I’ve been on the most unintentional hiatus of a lifetime! Most of which was spent sick (still recovering) and in and out the hospital. My sickle cell episodes have apparently hit their high points these year, and I’m hoping come latter months I’ll be in full relief until then I’m putting up a fight and trying to keep my sanity. However, it ain’t all bad… Amidst the calamities that is my illness, I hit a high point with my art and musical discoveries. While enjoying a most undeserved retreat in Oakwood’s health care facilities, I manage to keep my self from going totally bonkers by doing what I do best… Draw and Daydream, the two best medicinal practices I have…(besides morphine). I put my God given talent and ultimate salvation to work and went in on my sketchbook. I guess all that pain had me digging deep into some untapped region of my right brain, because I even shocked myself with the outcome of some of this work, let alone impressed the whole second floor nursing staff thank you very much. Now before I get to self indulgent I should add a disclaimer that this stuff is nothing to fantastic in the way of original pieces, I’m mean I drew them of course, but to are celeb portraits of my current female crushes (Nicki Minaj & her bff Amber Rose) respectively and one is a father’s day gift for my dad, a picture of his favorite animated hero, Aang the Avatar (Yes dad loves airbender and so do we so shut it!) Anyway, there’s only one real “original” piece in the bunch which was really one of the those boredom induced rare oddities of greatness I create every blue moon. Hey, I’d have more, but try tell your body to cooperate with you during a sickle cell crisis, see how much of a response you’ll get… Moving on, my last post I promised you all new art and poems, well art I have, poems are still coming (I over proof read everything… it’s sad I know). Until then though I hope you all enjoy my new works, I’ll have some graphic design stuff up soon too (I’m happily back in school… Thank God) and I also want to share some awesome music I just got turned on to, including the third best album, in my book anyway, this year. From Ms. Yahzarah entitled: The Ballad of Purple St. James, which is sure to engulf your senses with all it’s funk and sweet melodic flow. Until next post, keep your head above water and don’t let anyone drown you or vise versa.



My Absolute favorite track from Yahzarah’s album The Ballad of Purple St. James – Starship



Congrats to the Spaniards on winning their first ever World Cup (Although I was pulling for England 😦 )