So I’ve been completely swamped with art (as usual) fighting of the “procrastination bug” but, making progress slowly but surely, which is better then none at all. On a much, much lighter note though, I’ve found time to get in to the summer groove and let my locs loose so-to-speak. I actually got out the house last evening and partied with my sister and a good friend of ours whose a Dj. Needless to say it was exactly what I needed and I even caught up with a “friend” from awhile back. We actually hit it off BIG time, he’s a good dude and a cutie if I might add *wink wink*. Anyway, I consider this the pre-highlight to what will surely be an awesome weekend. I recently made a ticket purchase to attend what will most undoubtedly be the highlight of my year! Sis and I are head to see….(wait for it)….. Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae & N.E.R.D.!!!!! Now this may not mean much if you’ve been living under a rock since Badu’s 96′ debute of Baduizum or N.E.R.D.’s epic music catalogue but for moi, this is truly a treat. Now, I have been privy to already have seen Ms. Badu and the N.E.R.D crew, in which the latter artist lead to mosh pit mayhem and I kick in the face (literally) which I wish to put far behind me…. But it’s the presences of Ms. J.Monae that has me absolutely awe stuck and absolutely giddy for Friday’s concert. I’ve been a fan for awhile, but recently after making only my 2nd cd purchase this year of the incomparable Archandroid album, I have officially graduated to a full fledge Archandroid, Cindy Mayweather, Janelle Monae, Greatest artist before and after sliced bread STAN. I know what your think, “she’s certifiable and some one should alert Ms. Monae”. Well I assure you boys and girls, I may be a Stan but, I have control over it. However, I may have to “Tightrope” in the middle of Chene Park’s aisles out of pure delight and excitement and perhaps sing very loudly to “Babopbye Ya”. Once again, it’s out of pure excitement for this women undeniable talent to invoke the musical spiritualism within. Like I said, I’m totally ready to go in on everyone’s lyrics who hits that stage Friday night. Hopefully, God willing, I don’t expire from all the anticipation.

P.S. If you don’t own any of these geniuses albums, do your self and me a favor and go cop them! I recommend every album Badu has drop, especially Mama’s Gun and the most recent Return of the Ankh. As far as Monae, GO GET ARCHANDROID!!! It Will change your musical life!

P.S.S Expect pics this weekend and more art and poetry!

Ecstatically yours, EisM