So, depending where you live you might have already heard about 7 yr old Aiyana Jones, and her tragic untimely death at the hands of a Detroit police officer. This came after police through a flash grenade into her grandmothers home and then entering, looking for her daughters fiancé. It was said an officer entered the home and had a struggle with Ms. Mertilla (Grandma) causing the gun to go off and hit little Aiyana. Ms. Mertilla said “I never struggled with the Detroit Police. If I had struggled with the Detroit Police, I’d be dead alongside my granddaughter. They messed up, and they know they… messed up.” Now the Jones family have filed two lawsuits, one in state and one in federal court.

I feel like this will be a very messy and long drawn out process, causing further grief to this family. I’ve been trying to avoid watching any coverage of this story all week, but unfortunately I couldn’t avoid evening hearing about from my outraged mother and sister this morning. It just seems like every time I see the news in Detroit there’s some kinda of coverage of careless acts of fuckery. I’m mean just last week a young man was shot point blank on 7 mile road by some idiot on a bicycle! C’mon… I don’t even live in the city it’s self (I stay about 30 min away in Inkster) but things seem to always have a ripple effect here. I just don’t understand the senseless working of some people. Like the night before last, my family and I had just bunkered down for the night, when a random series of gunshots went off at the corner of my block, which I’m to houses from, and after the shots all we heard was a car peel off into the night. Now gunshots are pretty much the norm around here when the weather gets warm, but I had never heard them that close before, and I was pretty much freaked out. I keep thinking, “please don’t let a stray bullet hit any houses”. I have never, NEVER, thought that my quiet little boring neighborhood would turn into some morons random gun range. I’ve lived in this house since I was 9-10ish and I just can’t comprehend the way everything has changed, so much progress along with so much social regression. I mean we have these young-ins walking around every summer repping gangs HARD, and down to do what ever to be “cool” or “in”. As far as our police force goes DET. Ink. or otherwise, it’s all the same. Their either caught up in their on drama (like now with the Joneses) or they’re constantly harassing or locking up the wrong folks. Don’t get me wrong, I realize it could be A LOT WORSE, but when you grow up in a quiet neighborhood, or actually start watching the news, and start to come to terms with everything going to hell around you, one can’t help but be a bit dismayed, disgusted, outraged, and just down right Fed-the-FUCK-Up. I hate the “Here I am” reality that tends to smack us in the face, but it’s what we all need if where ever going to change our surroundings, I just don’t know how to help put an end to all the unnecessary damage being done in my neighborhood and my city, let alone Detroit… Somedays I just wish there was an “off” button for stuff like this, until that happens, I guess we all have to fight the good fight against this madness the best way we know how.

Sad Rant, EisM

R.I.P. Aiyana Jones