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T-shirts make me smile

So I’ve finally started my T-shirt designs, a project I’ve been trying to get under way for ages! I finally have the time and most importantly the motivation 🙂

I’ll be posting as the designs come to me, and hopefully in the next few weeks I can start silk screening my shirts!

Feedback is appreciated 🙂


What’s Happening to My City?!!?

So, depending where you live you might have already heard about 7 yr old Aiyana Jones, and her tragic untimely death at the hands of a Detroit police officer. This came after police through a flash grenade into her grandmothers home and then entering, looking for her daughters fiancĂ©. It was said an officer entered the home and had a struggle with Ms. Mertilla (Grandma) causing the gun to go off and hit little Aiyana. Ms. Mertilla said “I never struggled with the Detroit Police. If I had struggled with the Detroit Police, I’d be dead alongside my granddaughter. They messed up, and they know they… messed up.” Now the Jones family have filed two lawsuits, one in state and one in federal court.

I feel like this will be a very messy and long drawn out process, causing further grief to this family. I’ve been trying to avoid watching any coverage of this story all week, but unfortunately I couldn’t avoid evening hearing about from my outraged mother and sister this morning. It just seems like every time I see the news in Detroit there’s some kinda of coverage of careless acts of fuckery. I’m mean just last week a young man was shot point blank on 7 mile road by some idiot on a bicycle! C’mon… I don’t even live in the city it’s self (I stay about 30 min away in Inkster) but things seem to always have a ripple effect here. I just don’t understand the senseless working of some people. Like the night before last, my family and I had just bunkered down for the night, when a random series of gunshots went off at the corner of my block, which I’m to houses from, and after the shots all we heard was a car peel off into the night. Now gunshots are pretty much the norm around here when the weather gets warm, but I had never heard them that close before, and I was pretty much freaked out. I keep thinking, “please don’t let a stray bullet hit any houses”. I have never, NEVER, thought that my quiet little boring neighborhood would turn into some morons random gun range. I’ve lived in this house since I was 9-10ish and I just can’t comprehend the way everything has changed, so much progress along with so much social regression. I mean we have these young-ins walking around every summer repping gangs HARD, and down to do what ever to be “cool” or “in”. As far as our police force goes DET. Ink. or otherwise, it’s all the same. Their either caught up in their on drama (like now with the Joneses) or they’re constantly harassing or locking up the wrong folks. Don’t get me wrong, I realize it could be A LOT WORSE, but when you grow up in a quiet neighborhood, or actually start watching the news, and start to come to terms with everything going to hell around you, one can’t help but be a bit dismayed, disgusted, outraged, and just down right Fed-the-FUCK-Up. I hate the “Here I am” reality that tends to smack us in the face, but it’s what we all need if where ever going to change our surroundings, I just don’t know how to help put an end to all the unnecessary damage being done in my neighborhood and my city, let alone Detroit… Somedays I just wish there was an “off” button for stuff like this, until that happens, I guess we all have to fight the good fight against this madness the best way we know how.

Sad Rant, EisM

R.I.P. Aiyana Jones

Oldie but Goodie Poems


Yep Im that NIGGA
Yep I’m that BIT*H
yeah I’m HIP-HOP
I smoke WEED I don’t try in SCHOOL
Yep I’m GANG tied I REP that BLUE
and though you a NIGGA I HATE you too
get that MONEY and buy MATERIAL things
A FANTOM like HOVA and woredrobe like WEST
Then Imma get me a HOE or 2 or 3
they won’t mind me saying that
since BLACK BIT*H’s HOE for FREE

Yep Imma HOE
Yep Imma FREAK
if Melissa Ford can get PAID for it
why can’t that be me
and yea that can be fixed
Imma go to the CLINIC and
get rid of this SHIT
Yep he BEAT me
that’s what NIGGAS do
but it’s cause he ain’t got
no FATHER so Imma stay with my BOO
Yep we FAILURES who won’t amount to anything
Yep we DESTINED to stay in the HOOD and just cop BLING
but that’s ALRIGHT
that shit’s COOL
because I’m BLACK
and that’s just what BLACK FLOKS DO

The Church of Poetry and All Dem Latter Day Saints

I went to the temple where the words is the word
saw Nikki Giovanni as the image of God or rather I saw God in her
She was speaking the truth and the light preach’n to my brothas and sistas to keep up the fight

all the diciples were posted up tight Gill Scott-Herring was teaching the congragation that the
rightoues ain’t all ways right
Langston Hughes was passing out communion ‘stead of a cracker and wine he gave us a pad and pen

told us the things that we write will save us in the end
Went to alter and kneald next to Mya Angelou we prayed that the struggle would soon be through
looked to the pews to spot members I knew noticed saint Gwendolyn having a heated

debate with saints James Emanuel and Robet Hayden
something about the world without poetry and if it would end Emanuel said “brang on the apocolyspe”
Hayden said “Id least we’d have something to write about then”

we all laughed and then the choir came in
Rita, Cornelius, and Jessie the Altos
Jupiter, Yusef, Etheridge Baritones
Natasha, Alice, Phillis Sapronoes

When they open their mouths to pour out their praise the whole congregation was sat ablaze
we all did the poet clap and snapped our fingers until they were numb
Then pastor Wanda, deacon Quincy, and deacon Forrest lead us in the final prayer

“Father look down on this chossen clan, inspire our minds, move our souls and guide our hands
mind our tounges as we deliver our truth, this poets prayer we give unto you”

We snapped again and said amen then left the temple until we meet again.

J Davey (where have I been?)

Sooo I’m probably SUPER late on these two brilliant individuals, but better late than never! Their from LA, they have this crazy, sexy, cool (yeah, TLC homage) furturistic Nu Soul sound going on and their mixtape: Boudoir Synema: The Great Mistapes has just been added to my blkberry!

Go get the mixtape & Check out their vid too!

A Song to get the day started….

This song always does it for me!

Erykah Badu- 20 Feet Tall

Creative Malfunction

So for the past few weeks I’ve been having a MAJOR creative meltdown… Which usually consist of me having no inspiration what-so-ever. This couldn’t have come at a worser time. I’ve been working on a commission for the past month and a half now, that should’ve only taken a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I had an unexpected trip to Oakwood hospital, which in hindsight I should’ve seen coming, but that’s neither here nor there at the moment. I just seem to keep getting behind the 8 ball when it comes to my work, personal or otherwise. It got me thinking though, “Sam (my nickname) what the hell are you striving for” ? I mean this is my passion, but I have no gumption to pursue it with all the things that keep pushing me back. Then it dawned on me, like only things can when I’m at my most unraveled moments, I’m the cause for most of my hang ups! I know your thinking, “what’s so inspirational about that?” Well, my clever friend, it takes a lot for your girl to put a mirror in front of her face and admit “I’m the problem”. It’s something most of us try to avoid with EXTREM prejudice, but most of us would be better for it. So I did, and now I’m in a reflective mode about everything I want, and need to accomplish. Not only to be happy and get out of this dismal downfall with my art, but more importantly to grab and regain control of my life as a whole. I’m all about baby steps right now, because of course “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, but I realize eventually, with tons of patience, prayer, and a whole lot of personal pep talks/motivation, I’ll be back on track in no time!

Optimistically Yours, EisM (Epiphanie.Imee.Samquise.Malloy)